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Initially these texts were created for the Japanese literary magazine Monkey, but the author decided to rework them for a wider readership by collecting essays of different years under one cover. 


Writer as a Profession

The book "Writer as a Profession" contains twelve interesting "conversations" in which he shares his own creative experience gained during forty years as a successful author of international bestsellers, and the secrets of his writing skills, as well as his reflections on the literary community, the creative process and world literature in general. You will learn how the famous Japanese writer creates his unique novels, stories and documentary works, get acquainted with his very strict daily routine, creating the necessary atmosphere for creativity and everyday life, as well as get first-hand information about writing tours and interaction with the world of other authors, literary critics and, of course, readers.

Stunning art and Nature

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Side of the Cycle

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The Last Sea Spray

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Abstract to the book "Essays of an underground writer". 

The opinion of a depressed inhabitant. An experimental categorical sketch on "Why not be a writer after all". The hyperbole of peculiar excuses was achieved only for the sake of humor. However, in every joke there is a share of truth, and in this one it is simply huge.

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